There are times in life when we wish we could simply point and click to make things new or better.  If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone.

At All Pilgrims, we are a diverse people who know the compelling invitation of God that seems so persistent in urging and calling to take a next step in our spiritual life.  We’ve come from the experiences of painful isolation, of having spiraled into unhealthy and harmful behaviors, of living with the cloud of depression and despair, of feeling unwelcome and unwanted. We have even come from having been harmed by church and having said our final goodbyes to a religious institution.

We’ve also come to have our lives made bigger by serving others to make a real, concrete difference in a broken and hurting world, to quench a thirst for deeper spiritual connection and take next steps, and we’ve come to know and join a sacred story that is more grand and glorious than our individual day-to-day, project to project experience.  Through these experiences, we’ve recognized, clear or not, a spiritual longing that persisted.  So, we responded, and in doing so found a community of hope and strength that is faithfully joined on their spiritual journey, encountering the Holy, living faithfully, and doing justice.  And, together, we’ve found ourselves moved by the transforming love of God to experience new life and healing, joy and celebration, and inflating faith, hope and love.  Together, with what started for some of us with just a click of a mouse, we are made new, life is better, and God has us involved in transforming ministries where we’ve found ourselves recharged with purpose and meaning!  This is why our smiles are so abundant, our joy so buoyant and our welcome so warm.  We are real people loved to new life by a real God.

We welcome you to this site and invite you to take even another step to join with us that we may journey together, following Christ’s example, to explore and discover the potential God has for us and God’s creation.  We are open and affirming, progressive Christians who love to celebrate that GOD LOVES YOU AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!  It is to that love that we respond with our lives.