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Movie Screening: “Speaking of Dying”

Speaking of Dying is a documentary film that premiered on April 16 in Seattle. It features current end-of-life challenges and resources. Told through the words and stories of local physicians, caregivers, family members, and patients, Speaking of Dying depicts the range of end-of-life choices available to all of us. With compelling stories and beautiful images, the film inspires and motivates …

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College of Spirituality

Deepening Your Experience of the Presence of God A class about finding your own spiritual practice – 8:45 to 9:45 AM Sundays, January 27 to March 10. In the more than 2000 years since the time of Christ, people who would follow his example have developed many forms of spiritual practice that create deeper experiences of the Presence of God.  This abundance …

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College of Spirituality: Judaism 101

How did the Jewish religion begin?  Why do Orthodox Jewish men wear small boxes on their foreheads when praying?  Are the Old Testament and Torah the same thing?  What does it mean to keep kosher?  If you’ve ever wondered about these or other topics relating to Judaism, then this is the class for you! This six week class covers the origins of …

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College of Spirituality: Change Your Mind, Change Your World

Everyone is born with a set of thinking errors that make achieving their goals very hard, if not impossible, to achieve.  However, these misperceptions can be restructured into accurate visions of who we are. In this class we will identify these universal thinking errors and discover solutions to change them into more accurate perceptions of who you are and who …

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College of Spirituality: Christians and Islam

Christians and Muslims.  As Rodney King famously said in 1992 of blacks and whites, “Can we all get along?”  In this class, we’ll consider the shared history of our two faiths, theological similarities and differences, and the lives and aspirations of American Muslims today.  We’ll discuss extremist attitudes in the light of mainstream thought and action, and we’ll talk about …

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