National and Global Ministries

National and Global Ministries

At All Pilgrims we enjoy sharing with other people and congregations in concerted efforts for greater impact. All Pilgrims Supports National and Global MinistriesThrough giving, shared work, and covenant, we partner to bring life-transforming work, such as the following examples. Many of the ministries that we support or in which we participate are shaped within the denominations we affiliate with—Christian Church (Disciples of Christ  or DOC) and United Church of Christ (UCC).

Week of Compassion (Disciples of Christ) and One Great Hour of Sharing (United Church of Christ) are our denominations’  relief, refugee, and development mission funds. We seek to equip and empower ourselves to alleviate the suffering of others through disaster response, humanitarian aid, sustainable development, and the promotion of mission opportunities around the world. Current examples of work are medical responses to cholera in African nations, earthquake and disaster relief in Japan, and agricultural revitalization in Haiti. See video for Week of Compassion below.

Southwest Good Samaritan Project is a DOC project that has served refugees, immigrants, and the poor of the Texas-Mexico border since 1985. This project continually responds to human crisis in personal ways by providing shelter, services, food, and spiritual support on both sides of the border. Congregations have connected in this ministry for almost 30 years to expand its impact and respond to human suffering with faith, hope and love.

Neighbors in Need is a connecting mission of the UCC that supports ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States, including the Council for American Indian Ministry and other UCC Justice and Witness Ministries. These ministries support a variety of justice initiatives, advocacy efforts, and direct service projects.

Global Ministries are shared by the UCC and DOC. Together, we support ministries in 47 countries. Committing to partnering with local people, we provide a supportive relationship that responds to existing needs and working toward self-sufficiency.

What is Week of Compassion from Stephen Moseley on Vimeo.