Worship Services

Our Worship Services

Our worship takes place on Sunday morning at 10:30 am. This service features our choir and childcare is provided. We are gathered weekly around the Lord’s Table for the ancient and sacred practice of communion and are lifted in prayer, and are moved by discovering our own life story within the sacred biblical story.

If you’ve never been on to one of our services, you might be interested to read more about How We Do Things on Sunday.

All Pilgrims’ worship provides sacred space and practice where the Spirit of God leads us to next steps on our spiritual journey. In our ever-shifting world, we find the winds of change continually shifting and reforming the sands of our lives and landscape. As the pace and influence of change have increased, it is no surprise that a soul-quake is occurring that has people thirsting for and seeking a life that is of greater meaning, deeper themes, and, most of all, connection to our Holy God whose promise is good through all things, come what may. Worship is the reliable and ancient well where we gather to drink deeply to quench our thirst.

We are a modern, progressive people who gather on our sacred journey in ways that are both ancient and progressive. We expect people to bring all of who they are, including their brains, to be emotionally engaged and intellectually stimulated. Our worship is not a “dumbing down” event; it is an elevating encounter with a moving God who still speaks to and in our post-modern world.
Together, we find Holy encounter as we share

  • traditional and world music,
  • colorful, dynamic displays of sacred story,
  • ancient and modern practice and ritual, and a
  • caring embrace of a hopeful faith community.

Join us in worship and feel and know the living water that refreshes and makes new.