A Place of Sanctuary

Dr. Toni Craven opened her introduction to Hebrew Bible class with a metaphor of a garden.  In poetic language she likened what we would experience in that semester’s class to be like walking a path in a beautiful garden, stopping to rest and enjoy the flowers along the way.  It was a fitting metaphor.  We’ve all experienced such places that take us in and invite rest and the peace of sanctuary.  They can be the places where we “come to ourselves” as we find ourselves opening to the Holy.  A beautiful garden is a valuable metaphor at times because of the actual beauty of a garden.  Our front yard is the only green space along this Broadway corridor.  Right now it is fenced and unavailable to the public and, largely, unused by our church.  It is soon to be transformed, though.  Transformed in such a way that its actual beauty will provide invitation and sanctuary that will make it the sort of place where lives may be refreshed and renewed.

The Same Love Garden is an idea that has a plan, which will soon become actualized.  It will be a place with historical meaning as it celebrates its being the location of the Macklemore music video, Same Love, and recognizes and commemorates the historical legislation for marriage equality.  It will be a place that offers sanctuary and rest on the Holy ground; our All Pilgrims.  While the plan calls for a fence with a gate that may close at night, our yard will be an open space that extends our welcoming posture.

As you probably know, we are in the final push of our fundraising campaign.  We have raised $100,000 through our congregation and a donation from Tricia Davis and Ben Haggerty of Macklemore.  We are working to raise another $20,000 through an Indiegogo campaign.  This is where you can help us to create the Same Love Garden.  This site can be reached by clicking this link.  There, you will find a video and opportunity to give.  It is very easy!

The time is near for transformation.  Please join in creating this historical and meaningful transformation that will transform our congregation, the Broadway corridor, and many, many lives!