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From the Desk of Pastor Greg: Post-Election, November, 2016 – This morning we woke up to the shocking reality of our nation’s decision to elect Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States of America. In the many communications that I’ve had with people in these few hours, fear, real fear, appears as an overwhelming, underlying experience and expression. Read More

Washing Our Windows: The Vine, March, 2016 – I recently read a story told by Tibetan Buddhist Monk, Yongey Mingur Rinpoche. The story is a simple illustration that goes like this – Imagine living in a room with one locked window that is so dirty it barely lets in any light. The room remains dimly lit. Movement outside is hard to make out, and even some of the creatures appear frightening as they cast odd shadows. Read More

A Season of Deepening Spirituality with Monastic Practices:: The Vine, January, 2016 – To visit a monastery is to be included in the life and rhythm of that community. Days follow schedules with times for contemplation and meditation, study and work, and shared meals and prayerful worship. There is a way of being in community that is called the “Rule.” All agree to be given to it as it brings orientation and focus on God and being in service of God and the community in all things. Read More

Faithfully Waiting and Watching:: The Vine, November, 2015 – As we enter the season of Advent, a time for faithful watching and preparing for the birth of Jesus, we look back while standing in the present with hope of being guided into the future. Looking back to a time of a Middle Eastern teenager’s pregnancy amidst a region dominated by the Roman Empire. A teen who would soon come to flee her homeland as a tyrant leader called for the mass death of all male children. Read More

Overflow:: The Vine, October, 2015 – I find Halloween to be an interesting event within our culture. Not so much the history and certainly not the debates of whether or not it is appropriate for Christians to participate; rather, what I have found interesting ever since I grew beyond the age of being ecstatically and aggressively fixated on the permission given to a child to receive free candy from everyone in a neighborhood – “Free candy!? You want me to go with a pillow case until I fill it!? You’re disguised as my parents, but who are you, really?” –  what I found interesting since aging out of that form of participation in Halloween is the simple observation of how influential the unstated agreement is between people, adults in particular, to join in. Read More

A Season of Sharing Our Faith:: The Vine, September, 2015 – I find that hearing personal stories of faith are uplifting and enlightening, while also providing a reference to guide understanding. Sometimes hearing of a personal experience brings clarity in a way that objective consideration and study finds it difficult to reach. Read More

Into New Being:: The Vine, July, 2015 – The Creeping Beggarweed has long, branched hairy runners that move to take over yards. It is a difficult weed that grows in hot climates, and is difficult to control. From the surface, it appears that the weed is of a single strand that branches out. Read More

Holy Balm:: The Vine, June, 2015 – It is nearly impossible to imagine attending a Wednesday evening prayer meeting where a young man, visiting the gathering, stands up, pulls a gun, and shoots and kills. What a horrible, tragic event that is most sadly very personal as those murdered are precious in every way.  Read More

Transforming Relationships:: The Vine, March, 2015 – As we know, our faithful relationships are of the essentials of church. Whatever else happens around them is to be in support of our striving to live the Great Commandment.  Read More

A Place of Sanctuary:: The Vine, February, 2015 – Dr. Toni Craven opened her introduction to Hebrew Bible class with a metaphor of a garden.  In poetic language she likened what we would experience in that semester’s class to be like walking a path in a beautiful garden, stopping to rest and enjoy the flowers along the way.  It was a fitting metaphor.  Read More

Actively Waiting:: The Vine, November, 2014 – Advent brings a bit of a conflict for us.  On the one hand, it is most certainly a time of waiting with expectation as we look forward to the birth of Jesus and celebrating Christmas.  On the other hand, as soon as Thanksgiving leftovers are put away, Christmas music, lights, and shopping center Santas appear with abundance as the season brings with it a sense of arrival.  Read More

Seed, Nurture, Grow:: The Vine, August, 2014 – Picking and eating a tomato that you’ve grown seems especially good.  The taste is part of its goodness, but even more it can be that the picking and eating follows days and weeks of watering and nurturing, which follow preparing soil and planting.  It all happens soon enough, but it takes consistent care and patience.  So it is with our spiritual lives, as well as other parts of life.  Read More

Lift Your Head and Get Involved:: The Vine, June, 2014 – As activity in and around Seattle increases in the summer, bringing people to lift their heads to the sun, All Pilgrims does the same as a place and people of high activity.  Let’s have a great summer, together, in and beyond worship as there is a lot going on!   Read More

The Lenten Journey…the Way of Jesus:: The Vine, March, 2014 – As we travel the road of Lent, together, we are always aware and drawn to Easter that will follow.  It calls to us with all its promise.  While that is so, we remain in Lent.   Read More

Compelled by Faith to Act:: The Vine, February, 2014 – Once upon a time, Dr. Daisy Machado (a friend) and I led a group of graduate students to the border of Texas and Mexico.  It was part of a class that was studying the borderlands with an interest in policy change.   Read More

Led Forward to New Ways:: The Vine, January, 2014 – Everyone knows that the Roman Catholic Church inches along toward any change at a remarkably slow pace.  For instance, the first Vatican Council, which met to consider “contemporary problems,” met from 1869 to 1870.  Read More

The Way:: The Vine, November, 2013 – This Sunday we will worship with the theme of “Reclaiming the Journey that God Intends for You.”  While journey is a common theme for us at All Pilgrims, we are posturing this particular Sunday, with the help and inspiration of Victor De Los Santos, to welcome those who are in one form of recovery, or another.  Read More

Bigger & Stronger – Together!:: The Vine, October, 2013 – It is meaningful and life-giving to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  At All Pilgrims we join together and find ourselves moved by the Spirit that connects, transforms, and engages us as a body of faithful people.  Read More

Launching to New Reaches:: The Vine, September, 2013 – Within this month, we welcome three new interns who will serve our congregation in servant leader roles.  Melissa Smith (Pittsburg, PA) is a student at Seattle University’s School of Theology, Stephen Gumber (Tyler, TX) is a student at Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, and Margie Quinn is a Young Adult Service Community member (Nashville).  Read More

Live Forward:: The Vine, May, 2013 – As we prepare to celebrate Pentecost, we also celebrate the 10th anniversary of All Pilgrims Christian Church.  From the earthquake rattled First Christian Church (DOC) of Seattle and Pilgrim Congregational (UCC) came the merged church today that is All Pilgrims.  Pentecost is a wonderful time for such a joining together to be a new creation in a new way.  Read More

Moved to Stillness:: The Vine, February, 2013 – 2013 is off and running.  Punxsutawney Phil, Pennsylvania groundhog, has predicted an early spring.  Daylight savings is right around the corner, March 10.  If that weren’t enough, Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, is next week (February 13), not to mention that you may have things that are swiftly moving in your own lives.  Read More

Ready and Waiting!:: The Vine, December, 2012 – In this time of Advent, Christmas lists are made and reviewed, trees are brought into the home and lights brought outside of it (a bit odd), and many other traditions reign down upon us.  It is a wonderful time to enjoy a season that invites people to be a bit closer to one another, to be a bit more considerate of the wants and needs of another and to be aware that for followers of Jesus, this time of looking back to his birth is where tradition is rooted in our ancient birth story. Read More

Called to Give and Live…GENEROUSLY:: The Vine, October, 2012 – This past Saturday, we hosted a workshop on giving.  Folks from different congregations came to be a part of this gathering, led by Anthony Robinson.  During our time together, one of the things that really struck me was Tony’s talking about a spirituality of generosity.  In a society in which greed has become an accepted, even admired quality, his words framed in this way seemed to be right and good in this day and age. Read More

Lean In:: The Vine, September, 2012 – Thomas Merton was a Trappist monk who entered the Abbey of Gethsemani in Kentucky in 1941.  In 1958, at the age of forty-three, Merton had to run an errand that would take him from the monastery to downtown Louisville. Read More

Fullness of Life:: The Vine, July, 2012 – To tend a garden and its soil makes a difference in what is produced and experienced from that garden.  There have been times when I’ve experienced the same plot of land to be a source of great beauty and joy.  Read More

The Spirit Is a Movin’ :: The Vine, June, 2012 – In the month of June we experience the joining of new members, a congregational meeting to approve a new slate of Council leaders, Pride week and activities, and a baptism.  The Community Supper ministry on Thursdays has hit a new high of guests and meals – 150 and over 250.  David Paul and Kathy Dawson are completing their facilitation of a terrific class on Christians and Islam.  While these are only a few things going on at All Pilgrims, they give us example of our Pentecost Spirit.  Read More


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