Building Improvements Moving Quickly

Taking advantage of relatively good weather in September, our terrific construction crew is moving quickly to complete our first phase of building renovations starting with the roof and seismic upgrades.  Most of the work is complete to tear off the old roof and do repairs needed before laying down new shingles.

Crews are also installing the seismic reinforcement apparatus over points of entry and exit to keep people safe in case of a seismic event.  All of our white trim will be scraped and repainted as we conclude this portion of the work.  One small part of the exterior trim is currently inaccessible to paint contractors because it may be too close to power lines.  If anyone in our congregation has influence with Seattle City Light or elsewhere, we could use some help on this (contact either Pastor Greg or Kathleen Hosfeld).

We have engaged a second landscape design firm after the first firm failed to deliver a solution that met our budget needs.  Derek Hevel, a designer recommended by former Moderator Michael Brown, a landscape architect himself, is now developing a new set of recommendations for review.  He is also working with members of the church to explore neighborhood matching funds for portions of the new landscape design.

Earlier this summer, an arborist did the first of what will be a series of prunings on the Yew Tree in the our Green Space, designed to improve visibility of the church and usability of the space.  “A good start” has been the comment from most people.  Rest assured that more will be done at a pace that will not harm the tree.

If you have any questions about the building improvements, please contact Kathleen Hosfeld at