Building Work Nears Completion for 2013

Our contractors are working through a final “punch list” of small details, but the work we authorized for 2013 is essentially complete.  This includes:

  • Installation of a new roof
  • Installation of new gutters around the roof-line
  • Complete Tier 1 seismic reinforcement
  • Tuck‐pointing in key areas of masonry weakness
  • Repair interior water damage in Sanctuary, entry way, and other rooms
  • Painting of interior water damaged areas

There were a few things that got done that we did not plan for:

  • Plywood sheathing beneath a significant portion of the new roof (structural)
  • Repair of soffits on exterior of the building
  • Repair of terra cotta ornamentation on exterior of the building

Some of the soffits literally fell off the building with minor provocation.  We are lucky that they have not fallen down on someone.

A few things that did not get done include:

  • Painting of roof peak trim on South end of Stuart Hall – due to the proximity to power lines.  We are working with Seattle City Light to figure out how to get this done.
  • Painting the trim on East and North sides of the building (due to rain)

The painting contractor has given us a guarantee to return to complete the trim painting in the spring when the weather permits and we have a credit with them to pay for this work.

Where We Ended Up Financially

The plywood sheathing expense at the beginning of the project was a big hit to the budget, but our current estimates are that we are either right at the budget or slightly under, separate from the credit that we have to complete the trim painting.  We did not “run out of money” on these repairs.


New designs for the landscaping have been reviewed by Council and by interested members of the congregation.  We will be providing some illustrations and details to the congregation in the coming weeks.   There will be opportunities for individuals to make contributions to help fund the project, including ways to do so that create a memorial for a loved one.   Our hope is that work on the landscaping would begin in March and be completed in time for Easter.  Stay tuned for further details.