Community Lunch Update

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Community Lunch Appreciation Dinner in October (pictures here).  Our dessert dash raised more than $2,500 thanks to the generosity of everyone who attended!  These donations are much needed in this difficult fundraising environment.  For the first time in the history of the Community Lunch, we had to tap into our reserve funds to meet expenses in October so again, your generosity is appreciated!

We were very pleased to award four Jon Nelson Community Service Awards at the event, including a well deserved honor to Richard Lowe, who has cooked at almost every meal for well over a year.  He and I talk each weekend about the food he pulls from the freezers to be made available for the Thursday Supper, so his work extends well beyond the hours when you see him in action.  Thank you, Richard, for all of your hard work!

I am very happy to announce two new board members to the Community Lunch board.  We welcome Carolin Messier, the owner of the Harvest Vine Restaurant in Madison Valley to the board, a good friend of All Pilgrims’ member David Anstine.   We also welcome Lynn Rauch, a Central Lutheran member and a great cook and volunteer.  Please go out of your way to thank both of these women for their commitment to the Community Lunch board of directors.

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As always, I thank you so much for your support,

Don Jensen, Director

Community Lunch on Capitol Hill