Stewardship, Expanding Ministry, and Big Sundays!

This year, our stewardship pledge opportunity appropriately comes within a time of new, high energy events.  Sunday evenings in November include our gatherings of the Oldest Youth Group in Seattle (2nd and 4th Sundays at 6 pm), creative worship experience (1st Sunday of the month at 6 pm), and Beer and Hymns (3rd Sunday at 6 pm).  The creative worship in November will be the first monthly evening worship of many.  Our recent Beer and Hymns gathering was a fine group of 30 belting out their favorite hymns, and Oldest Youth Group is enjoying selected TED talks for topical inspiration as they connect and grow in faith and relationship.

Sunday mornings, from October 27 through November, will be theme based worships.  This Sunday, October 27 is Taizé style, All Saints Sunday.  November 3rd we celebrate Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).  On this day, you are invited to bring a picture, symbol, or something that reminds you of the joy, laughter, and fun brought from someone (or two) who has passed.  What you bring may be offered on an altar.  (You will get back what you bring.)

Our spirit of generosity is revealed in our giving of ourselves.  We give in the ways we extend a listening ear and/or provide a compassionate concern translated to action of serving another in need.  We give in the offering of our story, allowing a vulnerability as we share deeply, and we give as we raise our prayers, voices, hearts, and minds in worship that we may receive.  We give by our financial offerings as we know that our faithfully committed dollars are transformed to ministry in and from sacred space.  While our stewardship pledge is a time and effort to recognize the whole of our self-giving, it is certainly a time to respond by pledging financial giving as an extension of ourselves to animate and expand our ministry.

All Saints Sunday and Dia De Los Muertos, both, call us to recognize and celebrate the faith and contributions of those in our lives who have seen and loved us forward.  Our church walls and space are filled with prayers of people, many we’ve never met, including those who prayed so many decades ago for the future of our church.  Their prayers, their action, and their financial giving continues to support us as we faithfully serve and grow.  So it is with us!  Our financial giving allows faithful action.  It extends us far beyond ourselves as we contribute to God’s mission and our call to grow in ministry.  Consider how God has blessed us, and let us give to God’s project at All Pilgrims!  Let us keep changing the world together.  November 20th is a day to look forward to!