Deep & Wide

This is a wonderful time of year.  Easter lifts and moves us forward while flowers begin to bloom and baseball has returned.  While many find January 1 to be the time on the calendar that invites new beginnings, for me, it is this time of year.  At All Pilgrims, we continue to experience an expanding ministry.  Many may remember the childhood church song that speaks of God’s love, called Deep and Wide.  “Deep and wide, deep and wide, there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.”  This is a song that comes to my mind as I consider life at All Pilgrims.

Taking intentional steps to experience spiritual growth within community and to serve others in ministry is a tandem that brings great reward.  There are many, perhaps most, of our community of faith who engage in these by attending classes, prayer groups, support group, as well as by serving others in ministry.  I am a firm believer that the matters of the inside are the things that have great affect on the outside.  An influential monk and spiritual guide, Thomas Merton, who died in 1968, once said that there are four people in the world who really know how to pray, and, doing so, they help hold the whole universe together.  In a similar way, the transformation that occurs by tending to the simple matters of spiritual growth/formation and serving others in ministry is what is often experienced as an intangible that brings church to life to enjoy balance, health and rewarding impact.

Keep it up!  “Deep and wide, deep and wide” is God’s love.  It is also the invitation that we know as we’re invited to deepen our spiritual life and roots and expand our life in and by the love of God.  This month, while many attend the new gatherings of Stepping Stones and our New Member class, we also begin a class on Christians and Islam.  This class begins April 24 at 7:30 pm and will continue for seven Tuesdays.  There is a combination of movies and reading material that will fuel meaningful conversation and reflection.  This is a timely class in our world and church ministry, and certainly, one to be experienced.  You may register for this free class by emailing or calling the office (206-322-0487) or by going to the Welcome Table in the fellowship hall, following worship.  Additionally, there is an expanding list of ministry opportunities that are listed in our bulletin and our Welcome Table.  Included in these is Worship and Wonder, which is a ministry to our kids on Sunday morning.  Through the telling of biblical story and worshipful elements, this ministry is one that has kids worshiping and wondering in ways that bring Holy encounter.  There are more, but these are great highlights to consider as we continue to grow in God’s love….”deep and wide, deep and wide, there’s fountain flowing deep and wide.”