Faithfully Waiting and Watching

As we enter the season of Advent, a time for faithful watching and preparing for the birth of Jesus, we look back while standing in the present with hope of being guided into the future. Looking downloadback to a time of a Middle Eastern teenager’s pregnancy amidst a region dominated by the Roman Empire. A teen who would soon come to flee her homeland as a tyrant leader called for the mass death of all male children. It was Jesus he was after, and it was Jesus that Mary held in her arms as she left her homeland in search for safety across the borders of another. Terror, violence, suffering, and human migration is very much a part of the Advent season, then and now.

At All Pilgrims, we will journey together as we faithfully wait and watch for the movement of the Spirit who gives new birth, vision, and hope. In our waiting and watching, we will seek to know God’s dream for our lives, for God’s world, and for God’s human family. We will celebrate Las Posadas, a tradition commonly celebrated in Spain and Mexico, as well as parts of the U.S. where we walk with Mary and Joseph in search for shelter. And, finally, we will awaken to a new dawn and all that God brings with it.

Come and join us on this meaningful journey as we are faithfully moved in this day!