Farewell! – Ryan Dye

I can’t say that I’ve worked for more than a decade at very many churches out there.  In fact, just one has been so special that I just couldn’t imagine there would ever be a good time for me to move away.  You, All Pilgrims Christian Church, are very special.  Your energy and compassion express such joy that those around you truly know that you are Christians by your love.

Heather and I have decided that it’s time for a new adventure in life and after much prayer and consideration, we’ve chosen to move to Boise, ID to open a frozen yogurt shop and perhaps even acquire some goats and chickens (although Heather is much more enthusiastic about that than I am).  We do plan on coming back to Washington now and again to visit but our face time will be much more infrequent while we try to get our new business up and running.

I want you all to know how largely you’ve impacted me and how you’ve been a part of my life while I’ve hit some pretty significant milestones.  Since my time with you, Pilgrim Congregational and Seattle First Christian merged together to become APCC, I met and proposed to Heather in our sanctuary, I became a father, we voted an African American president into office, we had a rap artist film a music video in our space, marijuana use became legal in our state and our church is now holding very official gay wedding ceremonies!  We’ve welcomed new members into the congregation and celebrated our loved ones who have passed away.  We’ve started holding suppers for the hungry and homeless, held auctions, dances, cake walks and the like, and generally just lived and loved together.  You will never know how you’ve stirred me over the years and as of late evoked in me the desire to share myself with the world and raise my kids to be respectful and loving of all people.  I’ll say it again my friends, you are special and no matter the miles that separate us, you will always hold a very special place in my heart.  Thank you for your love and support over these past 13 years.  I hope you find yourself humming a hymn one of these days and remember me fondly because this I know, I’ll never forget you!