Gather ‘Neath the Tree

In our Lenten worship and on our journey of faith, we gather under and around a tree to hear, again, the ancient stories of Jesus on the Way.  This is a time of year when we join with Jesus, living his ministry and moving to Jerusalem, and ultimately the cross.  We have positioned a tree in our sanctuary that reminds us this is a time to pause and reflect, to lift one another and others in prayer, and to know that in all times and in all places, God will see us through to new and resurrected life!

During our worship, all are invited to write names and needs to be lifted in prayer onto a piece of cloth ribbon.  Lifting these, they come to hang from the branches, waving by the caring movement of the Spirit.  We invite you to join in worship, bringing your prayers to be lifted.  Also, we invite you to pray for all those that are lifted as we gather under the sanctuary of a tree, along the Way, as a community of faith.

This is a time when we are intentional about recognizing that we cannot travel this journey alone, and we celebrate at All Pilgrims, we are knitted together by the love and the grace of God, whose transforming love holds promise and brings transformation.  Sometimes, we find that we carry others by the strength of our faith, and at others, we find that we are and/or have been the ones to be carried.

Let us hold one another in prayer.  Let us see deeply into our own lives and the lives of one another that we may be kind and gracious, acting with love.  Let us draw from one another’s faith, and let us deepen our own faith that it be an overflowing source for others.  For we gather in our strength and with our weakness, with our joys and our sufferings and sorrows, with our hopes and our despairs, at all times given to God, who calls us to be together by faith and in love.  Come, under the sanctuary of a tree, and know new life!