Trimming for Growth :: From Pastor Greg Turk

Pruning for Growth

I recently borrowed a chain saw from a friend to cut some tree limbs in my yard.  One tree in particular, was in great need of having its branches thinned. Pruning for Growth So, given that a neighbor knew a guy who knew a tree trimmer who had some tree trimming advice that traveled over the years to me, with chain saw in hand, I was prepared to start cutting.  A couple of things quickly became apparent.

One: it was fun to trim but hard to stop cutting branches.
Two: some have more leaves and coverage than it appeared.
Three: even duct tape doesn’t hold branches to the trunk of a tree.

Anyway, it’s all good!  Now, my trees look better and they’ll be more healthy.

In trimming my trees to allow more beauty and greater health, it occurred to me that there are times in our lives when our limbs get crossed and bunched in a way that clutter and absorb life giving energy, leaving us more worn out, scattered and even without clarity of vision.  The tree that most needed trimming was like that.  Its bundled, cluttered branches blocked any view of the sky, many branches were unnecessary and drawing energy from more essential limbs, and while it may not feel worn out, it looked overwhelmed and blocked from healthy growth.  So, trimming to essentials opened it to a new beginning by getting some of itself out of its own way.

As we near Thanksgiving, what essentials are you thankful for?  How do we tend our most essential elements of our lives that we may experience healthy growth?  Does this, at times, require trimming other things away that may be subtracting life energy and beauty, not adding to it?

I find the trunk of my tree, the biggest of life giving limbs, to be that of my spiritual life.  To nurture and invest in that allows all else to grow.  Then, there are other relationships and life enterprises that I Tree Trunkfind essential.  They’re often found to be the reasons I have for doing other things. While that is the case, that doesn’t mean they’re receiving the time and energy they deserve.  So, sometimes it is time to trim for a better life.


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