Interfaith Team Recommends Tolerance Event, Feb 15

On Wednesday, February 15, at the University of Washington, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association will sponsorInterfaith Symbols a discussion on the theme “Tolerance and Mutual Respect.”  The program celebrates Religious Founders Day, an annual event that examines key teachings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the light of today’s world.

The program aims at fostering good will among all of us by reaching out to members of all faiths at a time when extremists from several sides continue to incite hatred toward those of other religions.  We at All Pilgrims have a tradition of acceptance and tolerance, and the Interfaith Action team believes that the February 15 event, to be held in an environment conducive to learning, can strengthen us as we confront those in our community who harbor doubts and apprehensions about other faiths, especially Islam.

The program will take place in Kane Hall, Room 225, on the UW campus, beginning at 5:30 PM.  There is no admission charge, and there will be free refreshments.

Please note that because of limited seating, the organizers are requiring pre-registration, which can be done online at, or by e-mail to info<at>,  or by telephoning 206-851-0788

You can find details about the event from a flyer at .

For more information about All Pilgrims’ participation, or if you need a ride, please contact  David Paul at 206-522-1309 or davidwpaul<at>