All Pilgrims is the home of two works of liturgical art, which were generous gifts of the renowned Japanese stained-glass artist, Keiko Miura.

“Pentecost” is a seven-paneled, brilliant modern stained-glass creation in multiple hues of red. It depicts, in abstract form, the scene of Pentecost from the biblical Book of Acts.

The window is stunning in both low and radiant light, each emphasizing unique aspects and themes. All Pilgrims Christian Church was originally chartered on Pentecost Day (2003), hence this gracious gift takes on still greater significance for the congregation and community.

“Sacred Light” is a tall three-dimensional window in blue and crystal which graces the eye like a deep blue icy stream. The window is distinctive for its jagged pieces of clear glass protruding toward the viewer with striking elegance.

Keiko Miura’s grand-scale stained glass work appears around the world in churches, hospitals, libraries, parks and — in the case of the Nagano Sports Complex, home of the Winter Olympics (1998) — an athletic stadium. Miura studied at Doshisha Women’s College in Kyoto, Japan and the Harvard Art School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In order to capture the essence of light present

in the four distinct seasons experienced in Japan, Miura created her own stained-glass medium, in which thick pieces of exquisitely colored glass are held in place by a unique formula of glass and black epoxy resin. This original technique she has called “Roclair.” Her work is beautifully presented in the book “Glass Art: Keiko Miura.”

The gifts came to All Pilgrims through relationships nurtured by Reverends Hallam & Helen Shorrock, who served for over forty years as “Living Link” missionaries in Japan from Seattle First Christian Church, one of the two congregations that merged to become All Pilgrims.

The Rev. Hallum Shorrock and All Pilgrims’ former pastor, Rev. Peter Drury, kept a close relationship through the years, ultimately leading toward the recommendation that All Pilgrims Church be considered for these gifts. Through these relationships nurtured over many years, a common Christian faith, and a lasting dedication to the understanding of God as Love who calls us to Peace, a tremendous shared appreciation developed with Keiko Miura and her artwork.