Lift Your Head and Get Involved!

The sun is out!  …and summer is here early.  I know that saying this aloud brings some to cringe because we dare jinx it and bring two more weeks of rain.  As many know, the Seattle tradition is that the sun doesn’t appear with summer-like consistency until July 4th or 5th, depending on who you ask.  This year, though, it must be happy and energetic enough to rise and push clouds out of its way to shine upon us.  With the sunshine of summer, people increase activity around here.  Places to go, things to do.  This is also the case for our congregational life.

This Sunday, June 22, we have a group of youth and adults visiting from First Christian Church of Orange, CA.  They have been serving on the Yakama Reservation, and are staying and worshiping with us.  Next week is Pride.  Saturday, June 28 at 1 pm in our Sanctuary is a wonderful, multi-faith service that gathers people from near and far.  This is especially enjoyable as a part of the Capitol Hill Pride Festival that fills Broadway with colorful and energetic activity.  Sunday morning, All Pilgrims will have people worshiping in our Sanctuary and with their feet as many head downtown for the Pride parade and march.  From there, into July.  Another group, this time from a UCC church in Palo Alto, visits us, Community Supper serves, as usual every Thursday, Al Rustad’s Cornucopia Brass Band will lead music in worship on July 6th, and we prepare for our front yard, landscaping project to begin!

As activity in and around Seattle increases in the summer, bringing people to lift their heads to the sun, All Pilgrims does the same as a place and people of high activity.  Let’s have a great summer, together, in and beyond worship as there is a lot going on!

Peace, Pastor Greg