Men’s Group Retreat – 2014

The Men’s Group celebrated their 3rd annual retreat in July.  This year the fellowship retreat was held at a Mission located on a reservation in White Swan, WA.

The group arrived Friday evening and after getting settled in, they got right to work.  The retreat was focused on building a positive, loving, and spiritual life within our community and families.  Studying the teachings of James, Friday night got off to a great start with a skit right from the book of James performed by Michael Small and Scott Tom

es.  Saturday morning began with enjoying some fellowship and a bountiful breakfast.  Throughout the day we enjoyed activities, games, exercises, and discussions focused on building trust.  One person was particularly moved by an exercise in which each person, truly without any doubt, needed to trust the person behind him responsible for guiding him.  These types of experiences, requiring complete dependence on our fellow brothers or sisters, allow us to learn to trust, enabling us to build a better, stronger spiritual community and family.  The end of the day was nearing, so the guys packed up and drove to a military fort, a native spiritual retreat, transformed by the U.S. Government in the mid 1800’s into a military post.  They hiked around the fort, cooked dinner, and headed back.  Sunday morning required leaving quite early, before the congregation even began to arrive for service.  Everyone left feeling closer to each other and more connected to the Holy.

The Men’s Group would like to thank Michael and Scott for all their hard work and planning for this year’s successful retreat.  Where are they going next year?  They can hardly wait to find out!