Men’s Retreat: A Time of Fellowship & Spiritual Bonding

The first annual All Pilgrims Christian Church Men’s Retreat was a complete success!  As eleven pilgrims gathered at church that Friday afternoon to depart for the weekend, the excitement in the air was palpable.  Everyone was talking about all the good the weekend’s retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city would bring.  The drive, though longer than expected, was pleasant, balanced by good company and goodwill.  Stuck in rush hour traffic, the best of it was made with good cheer.  The guys shared good conversation and enjoyed a good-spirited sing along.  We stopped for dinner along the way and arrived around 7:30 p.m (a 3.5 hr pilgrimage).

After unloading the vehicles and unpacking, the group gathered for a discussion.  They discussed their individual spiritual backgrounds, and many were amazed at the diversity.  Following the discussion there was a movie to watch for those not yet entirely exhausted.

On Saturday morning the place was a-buzz as breakfast was prepared and fellowship continued.  The smell of bacon, sausage and eggs filled the place.  After giving thanks, the men gathered together to eat and converse.  Later a small group ventured out on a hike into the Noonsack River Valley Wilderness beneath the snowy slopes of Mt. Baker, while others remained to relax.  The day continued with lunch, group discussions, and games.  The highlight of Saturday evening was a campfire, roasted marshmallows, and thanks to Jared – who brought his guitar and music – a gospel sing-along.  What a wonderful time shared by all!

Sunday morning arrived, and after breakfast and clean up, they sat down for one last discussion group and shared communion.  Everyone was a little saddened to find the trip coming to an end so soon, and all shared that each was looking forward to next year’s retreat.

All were glad they decided to attend.  Those who couldn’t make it surely missed out on an amazing gathering of fellowship and spiritual bonding.

Special thanks to Michael Small and Vince Larkin for putting this retreat together and facilitating.  Wonderful jobs guys!!

Check out a few of the pictures from a wonderful retreat.