On the Move!

All Pilgrims Christian Church is actively on the move to be and become a welcoming people, following Christ’s example by journeying to encounter the Holy, live faithfully and do justice (Vision).  We do so with great purpose along the way – as a community of diverse, progressive Christians which gathers on Capitol Hill for spiritual formation that compels us to action.

Last year at All Pilgrims, over 50 adults (College of Spirituality classes), plus 12, or so, children (ages 4-12 in Worship and Wonder) engaged in Christian education experiences (many enjoyed multiple classes).  Additionally, the Men’s Group has multiplied to add a second meeting time, and the new Women’s Spirituality Group met last Sunday with 14 in attendance.  From this, you can see that we take seriously and find great benefit in furthering

our journey with Christ’s example by gathering for spiritual formation.  Also, in 2011 at All Pilgrims, at least 25 people  responded to God by providing leadership of some form of ministry.  The vast majority of our All Pilgrim’s community are engaged in at least one ministry expression of our congregation.  Responding to God’s call to be of Jesus’ ministry, we live our faith as we are compelled by God’s love to action.

We open to experiencing new and abundant life as we intentionally seek spiritual (trans)formation and action in Christ’s ministry.  Both are key elements of God’s call, found in our purpose and vision, and both lead us outside of ourselves to a grander life of the Spirit where we grow in love for God, others, and ourselves.  It is no surprise that wonderful things are occurring at All Pilgrims!  Our increasing investment in spiritual formation and ministry is what God has for us that we may continue to expand our life.  Let us continue seeking to be filled that we may be poured out!