Our Open and Affirming Commitment

At All Pilgrims Christian Church we are a faith-community that truly values and celebrates diversity. Through God’s love and with Christ’s example we set aside all human barriers and divisions and invest ourselves in the healing of prejudice, exclusion and hatred.

We are open to, and affirming of, the full participation of all as equal members in this one body: people of all colors, ages, economic circumstances, sexual orientations, gender or transgender identities, physical and mental abilities, education levels and conditions of health.

We consider no commandment to be greater than this:
“We shall love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbors as we love ourselves.”

What We Believe

Both of the faith traditions with which we are affiliated have commitments for a more just and inclusive church. The United Church of Christ has its Open and Affirming Coalition. The Disciples of Christ has its Glad Alliance. From its inception in 2003, All Pilgrims Christian Church has held its open and affirming commitment which is read frequently during service to heal divisions in the human family.