The Spirit Is a Movin’

In the month of June we experience the joining of new members, a congregational meeting to approve a new slate of Council leaders, Pride week and activities, and a baptism.  The Community Supper ministry on Thursdays has hit a new high of guests and meals – 150 and over 250.  David Paul and Kathy Dawson are completing their facilitation of a terrific class on Christians and Islam.  While these are only a few things going on at All Pilgrims, they give us example of our Pentecost Spirit.  Not everybody enjoys an expanding body.  We do!  We enjoy that our life together includes new people who bring wonderful gifts and faith.  We enjoy that our spiritual formation strengthens and heals, individually and collectively.  And, we enjoy that our expanding body grows larger in ministry and impact.

On the one hand, we celebrate that we are able to feed a growing number of meals to a growing number of people.  On the other, of course, we do not celebrate that the number has gone up if it means that there are more who experience such hunger.  If anything, we would love to find ourselves with only volunteers because all are well fed without us.

On the one hand, we celebrate the week and activities of Pride in a faithful and active manner.  Look to our website for specifics.  On the other hand, we do not celebrate that such an expression was and is necessary because of wide spread discrimination, ignorance, and prejudice.

On the one hand, we celebrate that our classes, support groups and other gatherings for spiritual formation bring discovery, wonder, and a place for healing and forward movement by encountering the Holy, together.  On the other, we do not celebrate the crisis, pain, and/or loss that often move people to some new ways of seeking.  In other words, our expressions of faith are real and meaningful in a world and in lives that experience brokenness and need.  What you do by faith matters greatly!

God has great things for us!  New discovery and growth, new connections and ministries, new sense of purpose and meaning are here for us to step into.

Thank you to the seated Council for all your faithful work.  (For those who’re moving off the Council, other callings and ministries await.)  Thank you to the new members for the gifts and faith that you bring.  The Pentecost Spirit keeps us well fed at our welcome table.