Who We Are :: From Pastor Greg Turk

Our vision: We are a welcoming people,
following Christ’s example by
…journeying to encounter the Holy,
…live faithfully, and
…do justice.

Two key elements for our faith are spiritual formation and ministry. In saying “spiritual formation,” I mean intentionally investing in spiritual disciplines and practices to be responsively open to the Spirit of God that we may grow in the love of God to experience the fullness of life. For “ministry,” I mean to faithfully respond to God in displaying the love and grace of God, found in the Gospel, in concrete, real acts to people and creation. A traditional and simple phrase for these together is “to be filled that we may be poured out.” Our intentionally seeking to grow in our faith that we live it is essential. On an individual level, we find that God transforms as we seek spiritual growth and allow God’s love to be expressed through us to others.  Collectively, vital congregational life includes hopeful vision, faith oriented enthusiasm, prayer and ministry that moves us to serve beyond our own wants that we may act with the Spirit.

For all the brick and mortar, the dollars and cents, the pews and pulpit, the kitchen and roof and doors and books, it is our faithful and intentional effort to do simple things that matter most.  (Simple is not always easy)  To be filled that we may be poured out with God’s love.  This transforms.  Some congregations have gotten lost in making second things first, making minors majors as they run and serve institutions.  Not All Pilgrims!  We are a faithful people who long to truly be Church on Capitol Hill and to all the world.  So, it is no surprise as you are faithfully on the Way as we journey together that our life and impact is expanding.

  • Interfaith ministry and our maturing relationship with the IMAN Center, a Muslim community of faith.
  • Worship and Wonder – journeying with kids to encounter the Holy.
  • Gardening Ministry – expressing creation’s beauty and care for Holy ground to those who pass.
  • Greeting Ministry – the loving and gracious first expression on Sunday.
  • College of Spirituality – courses to exercise and deepen faith.
  • Council –  Leading as servants of God, vision and purpose.
  • Hospitality and Clusters – serving to provide a hospitable place for people to love one another.
  • Choir –  an expression of worship that leads and moves others.
  • Men’s Prayer Group – opening to be filled with the Spirit.
  • Community Supper – preparing food and providing a meal as Jesus among the “least of these” comes with hunger and more.

Deepening roots, expanding branches, and plentiful fruit.

This Fall, I invite you to do some things differently.  Take steps to spiritual growth.  Intentionally seek to serve to extend the love and compassion of God to others.  Spiritual formation and ministry… good for the soul.



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