How we do things

How We Do Things on Sunday

We gather Sunday morning to worship God!  One after another join together as a community who give themselves to an ancient practice of worship that is fitted for this time.

Passing the Peace
Passing the Peace at All Pilgrims Christian Church

With a modern feel, we join in time-honored practices that open doors to Holy encounter. These include:

Come as you are! – There is no dress code. There are no prerequisites. We welcome all who feel the need or desire to gather for worship in a sacred space where all warmly received.

Passing the Peace – Early in the service, we take time to greet each other and wish each other God’s Peace. We shake hands or hug, and a common expression is to say “The Peace of the Lord,” or “God’s Peace to you.”

The Lord’s Prayer – A prayer that Jesus taught to his disciples and is found in the Gospels. As we join with many who have gathered  before us, we recognize there are varied ways to pray this prayer, and we encourage people to pray in ways meaningful to them. A pew card is provided to display the common prayer; however, at certain points, you will hear diverse, individual expressions as we pray this prayer together.

Sermon – The sermon is a fifteen-, or so, minute event where the sacred story is interpreted with spoken word in such a way that you may enter it with your life story. With the mixing of these stories the living Spirit and Word of God moves. Faithful expectation and response to how God may move is what you bring.

Communion, or Lord’s Supper –  Our worship is oriented to moving to this sacred act. Communion is where the elements of bread and cup are served and received as an expression of Christ’s life and love. We prepare for this act with a printed liturgy of song and responsive prayer. Then, all are welcome to move to the table and be served by those offering bread and cup. The bread is taken and dipped into the cup, then eaten.

Fellowship – After worship, some go but many stay to enjoy community around food and refreshments.

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