You Are Invited to Re-Imagine Our Greenspace

On Tuesday, February 26 at 7 pm, interested members of All Pilgrims will meet with the members of Barker Landscape Architects to help us develop concepts for our green space.  This is the first of two meetings for the All Pilgrims congregation to work interactively with the architects on various concepts for the space.   Please join us for a collaborative conversation.

The architects have been briefed on the results of our congregational conversations about a ministry appropriate building.  This has included our emphasis on our building as a place of spiritual journey, as well as our building as a place of openness.  The Building Vision team has worked with the architects in advance to develop some preliminary guidelines for the greenspace.  Following is a list of priorities that have already been communicated to the firm for their consideration:

Hopes:  We would like ideas explored for the greenspace to:

  • Be low maintenance and management for All Pilgrims’ congregation
  • Preserve and enhance building safety
  • Open our presence to community and neighborhood.  Appears welcoming both day and night
  • Create a place for rest, renewal, sanctuary
  • Discourage significant food consumption (coffee is okay, not picnics)
  • Appeal to all generations
  • Mitigate liability and insurance risks
  • Enhance entry to church
  • Meet a high (ADA) accessibility standard
  • Preserve and enhance entrance to Lewis Hall
  • Include enhancements to exterior signage (readerboard, sidewalk displays)
  • Fit neighborhood character while communicating All Pilgrims’ unique identity

Potential Uses for Consideration: Thinking about how we have used the space in the past and how we might use the space in keeping with our vision, we offered the following preliminary ideas.

  • All Pilgrims’ annual picnic
  • Wedding photo staging area
  • Closed gatherings (ability to close space for things like wedding receptions)
  • Labyrinth or walking meditation space
  • Contemplative space/A place to rest
  • Performance space (outdoor concerts)
  • Entry experience leading into worship (Spiritual Journey)
  • Memorial space or some other interactivity with neighborhood/community

The meeting on the 26th is the first of a series of four conversations that will result in a final presentation of a proposal for the greenspace.  The schedule of meetings is:

  • Tuesday, February 26, 7 -9 PM – APCC Only
  • Monday, March 25, 7 – 9 PM – APCC Only
  • Tuesday, April 23, 7 to 9 PM –APCC and Neighbors

If you would like to be part of these discussions we ask you to make a commitment to attend at least three out of the four meetings, with a special emphasis on being at the very first event.  The process will result in a concept that will ultimately be reviewed by the APCC Council who will present it to the wider congregation for approval.

The first hour of the event on the 26th will be a presentation by the architectural firm concerning some of the legal and technical aspects of reworking our greenspace.  The second hour will be collaborative conversation to explore possibilities.  Looking forward to seeing you there!