Young Adults Living in Christian Community and Service

The week of September 10 we welcome four young adults who will be moving into our church apartment.  Kathryn Murdock, Steven Boyles, Marianne Haney, and Jenn Hagedorn are the first group of Young Adult Service Communities participants to live in Seattle.  The YASC is a United Church of Christ (UCC) program that has a growing number of locations around the United States, providing yearly opportunities for hands on justice work, faith conversation, and community living.  Each week, they will work 32 hours at a Seattle non-profit, participate in faith conversations and justice leadership training, and each will serve for a few hours in a congregation.  We are fortunate to be partnering with Keystone Congregational of Wallingford in bringing YASC to Seattle for the first of what we hope are many years and many YASC teams.

For us, YASC will make life wonderfully different over the next year.  Having these four young adults living in Christian community with one another at All Pilgrims will bring an energy and life that will bless us all.  I expect that we will learn much from them about church and culture, about life and dreams, about courage and hope…   While all four of them will be around, one in particular will be working with us.  Her name is Marianne, and she will be with us a few hours a week, serving in a capacity that she will help construct and define soon after her arrival.  We will get to know Marianne very soon, and she’ll get to experience the warmth of an All Pilgrims’ welcome.

For more detailed information on the YASC program and bios on individual participants, download this pdf or click here.

As September is just around the corner, there are some events and times to mark on the calendar:

WORK DAY – Saturday, August 18, starting at 10 AM, we will join with some folks from Keystone Congregational to clean, paint and prepare the apartment for their arrival.  All are welcome!

With Keystone, we will coordinate welcoming events during September.  We will also schedule a fellowship time that we can be sure they will all be present at.

This will be a project of impact.  Our lives, their lives, this city, and more, impacted by what God is doing to bring us together for something great.  Let us allow the Holy to lead us on our journey to discover and be the church of the 21st century, serving with compassion to a just end.

– Pastor Greg