Ways to Help

Service and Ministry

“Goals,” “achievement,” “accomplishment,” “success,” and other such words fill the air in our society as prescriptions for happiness, joy and fulfillment. Yet, so often people follow the script of others, working hard, even achieving big things, only to find a want for something more that lasts. While it is easy to just keep busy with next steps and projects (even church projects) to distract us from a longing for a deeper, more meaningful, and joyous life, our souls continue to stir for something else—deepening relationship with God.

An essential to such relationship is found in our giving of ourselves as expressions of love in concrete and real ways in response to God’s love and purpose for us.

At All Pilgrims, we know that all are called and equipped to serve others, and we value our providing opportunities for people to connect in ministries. There are many options for serving and room for more. On Sunday, you will find an “Information and Welcome Table” in the Fellowship Hall with information.

Listed below are some of our own ministry opportunities. It is easy to get started and discover new life.

Community Supper

Hospitality Teams

Interested in more ministries that we share with our denominations? Visit National and Global Ministries.